©Unsplash, Greg Bulla, LinkedIn company headquarters

Is LinkedIn still a professional social network?

When scrolling through your Facebook feed have you ever thought, subconsciously, that you were on Instagram? Or perhaps you’ve watched a series of Reels on Instagram, all while experiencing what you thought was TikTok? Meanwhile, Twitter has long since it abandoned what made it unique –the famous 140 characters — to become an eminently visual platform. With its set of new features this summer, has LinkedIn also joined the standardized wave of the web, at the risk of ditching its differentiating quality: being a professional social network?

The “new” cover stories

© LinkedIn

More live streaming

© LinkedIn

Introducing the creator mode

The platform’s arguments for increased personalization, self-promotion, live streaming and some “sales” advantages seem well constructed. But what about the real utility of these novelties? Does offering features similar to those of other social networks bury the initial professional intention of LinkedIn? Only time — and users –will tell. What is your initial reaction? Have you noticed these new features on LinkedIn? Do you find them useful? I hope to see your insights in the comments!



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